Next Generation Sequencing Support
(Research Grant)

the very first and more to come...

How to Apply?

All you need to do is to login and register yourself for the research grant, submit a small write-up on the research area that you wish to use NGS experiments for: examples being healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture or anything exploratory basic science!
The write-up should clearly mention the nature of the experiment the researcher wishes to perform like ‘Whole-Genome Sequencing’/’ Metagenomics/’ Metatranscriptomics’/ Transcriptomics (RNA Sequencing)’/’Whole-Exome Sequencing’/ ‘small and long RNA sequencing’/ ‘Epigenetics’ and disease panels for research and the DNA source that will be used (e.g.. Bacteria/ human/animals/plants etc.) and a rough depth and coverage of the NGS experiment (in GigaBases).

Who can Apply?

The NGS Support (Research Grant) is designed to help researchers finish their last-mile experiments in their molecular biology-based research plans using miBiome's state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure in Illumina and Oxford Nanopore NGS platforms.

Selection Process

An expert scientific panel at miBiome will evaluate the merit of the research project, based on several criteria like strong fundamental science question, applications in healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agriculture industry etc., following which the winner will be notified by email.
Further to the announcement of the winners, the individual scientist/clinician/laboratory will be contacted by miBiome for sample pick-up and NGS.